2016 Summer Internship Program

2016 Summer Internship Program

Doing an Internship in China is very popular at the moment. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the world’s fastest growing economy with an internship from 2 to 6 months starting anytime of the year. The internship program takes place in China´s most developed city, Shanghai. We have built the most flexible and affordable summer internship program for the coming 2016.

We will guide you through the entire process of securing your internship. The first step is to have interviews with different international and Chinese corporations looking for foreign interns. Once a company accepts you, you will receive an internship offer containing all your internship details such as the company, department, position, typical tasks, working hours and compensation (if any). In order to accept it, you will be asked to sign the offer and pay the program fees.

When it comes to China, securing an internship is just the first step. Afterwards we will help you arrange the correct visa and provide you all necessary documents to apply for it. You will receive a pre-arrival guide so you will know exactly what to bring and prepare before your trip. When you arrive at the airport, our staff will be waiting for you and take you to your new home.  The next day you will be given your welcome kit (Sim card, book phrase and metro card) and taken to register at the local Chinese police. As China is a difficult place to get around especially if you don´t speak Chinese, we will introduce you to the city and to foreign communities of international students, interns and professionals.

There will always be someone on hand to help you with any problems you may face during your stay in China.





Internship fields

Business & Finance internships:

This is the ideal program if you want to work in marketing, sales, PR, logistics, administration, international relations, trade, accounting, finance, revenue management or related. The internships normally take place in start-ups, medium size or Fortune 500 companies. All will depend on your choice and positions available at the moment. What we can guarantee is that you will have an exciting position that will give you hands-on real work experience. We believe that the most important aspect is to match the right intern with the right company.

Architecture, Fashion, & Graphic design internships:

This is ideal if you want to get a taste of China’s unique mix between ancient culture and modern style. We have partnerships with different architecture bureaus, fashion companies,  graphic design agencies, and leading international design firms. You will be able to choose from different options such as fashion designer, merchandising, events, show room or public relations. If you are not sure about which position to take, we will help you choose the one that matches  your profile and goals.

IT & Engineer Internships :

China has become one of the world’s leading countries in technology development. This is your opportunity to work for a multinational or an innovative startup in top-notch projects such as green technology development, software/web/app development, automation, car manufacturing, or robotics. Internships can last from 1 to 3 months and you can start anytime of the year. These companies are just an example where we have placed interns in the past:

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Mandarin courses

Your experience in China would not be complete without knowing the worlds most spoken language. If you are a beginner, it is a great chance to learn and be able to communicate in Mandarin. Our program includes 20 mandarin group classes for beginner and non beginners.  All learning materials are also included, so you just need to focus on learning and practicing it everyday. We encourage our participants to use the language everywhere as much as they can. Being in China for 2-3 months studying and practicing the language daily and interacting with native speakers is said to bring a similar outcome as  studying Chinese abroad for 1 or 2 years.



Set In China can help you find the most satisfactory apartments in Shanghai. All of the housing Set In China recommend you follow these requirements:


  • Have your own room and room key
  • Queen size bed and Mattress
  • Individual controlled Air-conditioning system
  • Closet
  • Working Desk


  • Kitchen: Gas stove, microwave, rice cooker, refrigerator,
  • Living Room: Sofa and TV
  • Washing Machine and Dryer machine
  • Bathroom
  • Balcony with nice views

Locations are transportation convenient and city centered. Here are several apartment sample for you to choose.

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What is Included?



Program Fee

Enrollment Fee : 200USD

Program Fee: 3100USD

How to Apply


  • Submit the Application Form.
  • Choose the best time and date to have an interview with our China Internship Coordinator.
  • The interview objective is to confirm your eligibility and explain in detail the program of your interest.
  • If you successfully complete it, you will receive your acceptance letter to enroll into the program.


  • Submit the necessary documents requested during the interview.
  • Choose your program and 3 positions you want apply for.
  • Pay the Enrollment Fee of 200USD.


  • Receive your welcome letter and start the placement process.
  • We will arrange interviews with potential companies offering positions that match your profile.
  • Once a company accepts you, we you will receive a draft internship offer including the position, company details, working hours and compensations included (if any).
  • Accept your internship offer and pay the program fee.
  • You are ready to start your visa process and prepare for a life-time experience.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message HERE

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