About us

Set in China (SIC) is a professional organization that provides services to those seeking to intern, live, and/or study in China. Theworld_map Company provides a comprehensive service platform for its business partners and a huge selection of high quality, convenient services at affordable prices for its customers. We strive to offer our clients the best consultancy service with the most trusted quality. We are continuously extending our network of Chinese and international companies in a wide range of fields.

We are committed to offering you the best professional experience in accordance with your needs. Mission and Values: We strive to provide each customer with the highest quality of service at an affordable price. We are here to facilitate and enhance your experience in China and to remove any barriers that are in your way. We will work tirelessly with our partners to give you the best experience possible while you are in China.


SIC internship program last for 2-6 months. The internships cover various industries such as Finance & Accounting, Law, Marketing, PR & Advertising, Engineering and General Business, as well as an increasing demand for areas such as Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Fashion, PR and Journalism.

Additionally providing internship placement, SIC also provide airport pick up and take the interns to their well-organized apartments. We assist them with police station registration. For the following days, SIC also organize welcome dinner and orientation for interns to help them know Chinese culture better and integrate China more easily.


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