Set in China is a professional organization that provides services to those seeking to intern, live, and/or study in China. TheCompany provides a comprehensive service platform for its business partners and a huge selection of high quality, convenient services at affordable prices for its customers. We strive to offer our clients the best consultancy service with the most trusted quality.

In 2015,we opened ournew Kungfu School in Shandong province. We aim to bring more young foreigners to China to learn Kungfu and also combine Kungfu training with our internship package and establish cooperation with other companies and organizations for our cultural programs.




  1. 1. Promote Set in China via social media marketing for our internship program and China Kungfu training program;
  2. 2. Maintain an intern database with viable candidates to fill internship positions;
  3. 3. Provide market analysis for Set in China and provide feedback;
  4. 4. Facilitate events for Set in China with other partners;
  5. 5. Correspond with potential candidates


1.English speaker preferred or with good English skills;

2. Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree;
3. Motivated, Open-minded, Responsible, Positive Attitude, Good Team Player;
4. Effective communication and interpersonal skills;
5. Interested in Marketing, web-development, and research;
6. Excellent written communication skills;
7. Must be able to work for at least 2 consecutive months

8.Good at using office software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, Photoshop, etc.





1. Promoting China Internship Program to prospective students in other countries through information sessions, webinars, presentations, educational fairs, and related events  .

2. Develop, manage, and renew partnerships with overseas universities/institutions

3. Attend international education conferences and related networking events to promote Set In China as an international education program leader

4. Maintain and create university partnership resources and educational documentation

5. Assist in outreach to governmental institutions, corporate organizations, and educational agents in an effort to build long-term partnerships.



• Minimum BA level education;

• Ability to work independently and in a team

• Ability to effectively manage multiple projects and relationships and meet deadlines

• High attention to detail and strong organization skills

• Culturally aware and able to work with people from different nationalities

• Social, outgoing and confident with the adaptability to talk to students and university departments.

• Strong knowledge of international education or understanding of the foreign education system

• Previous experience working in higher education or for a study abroad provider

• Experience in marketing and management

• Interest in Asia, preferably China background or experience

If you are interested, please send your resume to 

Set in China -Cultural Activity