Should I do internship in China?

Should I do internship in China?

Being the world’s fastest growing major economy, China has unsurprisingly becoming one of the most attractive destinations for many international undergraduates and graduates to start their internships or careers. Based on this tendency, I founded Set in China, an internship agency to help those talents find the best opportunities to accomplish their professional and personal development goals; however, the more I learned about this business, the more reasons I found why people should not do an internship in China.

1. Too many job opportunities to choose from

With so many options, it may be hard for you to choose what job you would most enjoy. China is the largest exporter of goods in the world, meaning there are numerous job opportunities for foreign workers international trade alone, not to mention the teaching jobs, E-commerce and other opportunities in International Industry.

2. Meeting people from different cultures, and building a personal network

The estimate population in China based on United Nations projections is just over 1.4 billion. To survive in such a large group of people including other foreigners, you have to build a personal network on an international level. You can’t stay at home the whole day any more, you will have to meet people from various cultures and countries or even people who work for completely different industries. With all those newfound communication and adaptability skills, you will be able to make a living in anywhere around the world.

3. Have to learn and speak some Chinese

To live and to work in China, it is an advantage (though not necessary) if you can understand and speak some Chinese. Regardless of dialects and accents, Mandarin is still one of most difficult languages to speak in the world. However, if you know some Chinese it will be easier to understand why Chinese people offer hot water to their clients or why they keep reminding you to drink hot water when you are not feeling good. You may also be able to learn 1 or 2 songs in Chinese.

4. Hard to stop making friends

When you come to a new culture, such as China, making some friends may help you adapt to the life in China more easily, especially with those who have a good heart or had a similar experience before. For example, you will have friends from all over the world — Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia. China is becoming a melting pot where you have Chinese New Year, Christmas, Halloween, Eid al-Fitr,Diwali and many other festivals to celebrate.

5. Have to think more and learn more 

Doing an internship in China will help you build your own ideas and learn more valuable skills for your future business in one of the most significant centers of economic resources. Furthermore, being connected to China’s business network and knowing the Chinese business culture will also build a much wider bridge for your future career.

6. Have to use English from time to time

Even if you cannot speak Mandarin, you can still get around in China by speaking English. It is good news for some foreigners because they won’t have the chance to speak their own language, but English is more than a communication tool in China. More Chinese realize the importance of the English language which raises the need for English teachers. A part time teaching job during internship will easily bring you the extra teaching skills and experience which you can use anywhere in the world…and money, of course.

7. Too many tasty foods to try

There are Chinese restaurants all around the world, but when it comes to Chinese food in China, it cannot compare. It may be different from the “Chinese food” seen in other countries and you will see that there are too many choices. Sichuan food too spicy for you? Try some Shanghai or Hangzhou styled food. Taste buds still not satisfied? Don’t worry, there are eight other major cuisines for you to choose from. 24 different ways to cook will have you addicted to real Chinese food in no time. If only for this reason, you will miss China. Eggrolls and dumplings from back home will never taste the same again.

8. Sometimes you have to travel around China.

There will be some internships requiring travel and with so many beautiful views, it is hard for anyone not to want to travel. You will find it hard to say no to The Great Wall in Beijing where you can stay close to the First Emperor of Qin and Mo Kao Grotto at Dunhuangin Gansu, where you can experience mural paintings and painted sculptures. You’ll also be in awe of the Yellow Mountain in Anhui where you can see forever and the Li river in Yunnan where water and mountain flow naturally around each other.

9. You will always miss China after you finish the internship

After finishing your stay in China, it will be so easy for you to fall in love with this  “mysterious” country. From the wide variety of food and scenery to your newfound networks and knowledge, you will already be planning your next internship. So why wait? Jump start your future career today with your own customized Chinese internship experience with Set In China.

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