FAQ for Set in China


Important Telephone Numbers:

  • Police: 110 (Calling)
  • Police: 12110 (Text Message)
  • First-Aid Ambulance: 120
  • Fire: 119
  • Traffic Accidents: 112
  • SOS in Water: 12395


Regarding Passport

  1. Always keep your passport with you all times in China in safe place.
  2. If lost, follow these steps:
    1. Be sure to check if you lost your passport before you report it. Once it is reported lost, it is cancelled and no longer valid and you will need a replacement. Also note that offices handling such issues usually close on weekends and public holidays.
    2. If lost, report your lost passport to the nearest Public Security Bureau (PSB) who will issue a proof of loss for you.
    3. If you went to a hotel, ask for them a stamp proof of your residency. If not, go to the closest police station where you registered and get a proof of your residency.
    4. Have your original identity and proof of citizenship (must be the original government issued photo ID document).
    5. Have about 8 passport photos 2” x 2” (5 cm x 5 cm) with a white background. It usually need 2 photos for the application of new passport but you will also need photos to apply for visa, emergency passport and your new passport.
    6. Have a copy of your passport (Suggest you take several copies of your passport you start your trip just in case)
    7. With all the things prepared, locate the nearest embassy or consulate of your own country and apply for a replacement passport in person. You’ll be required to complete a new passport application and there will be a fee charged for replacing passport. (Check out embassies in China)
    8. After the new passport is issued, go to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) and apply for new visa so you can can go on your trip or re-enter your country. (Please note that in some cases, a replacement may take weeks to process and it may be valid only for a limited time so take special care of your passport on your journey.



  • I have asthma, can I still be accepted to China?

          Yes, You can but we will try to help you to find internship in other cities less polluted.

  • I have diabetes, is there any food in China that I can eat?

           Yes. There are stores that sells food for people who have diabetes

  • I am in a wheelchair and I can’t walk, will that hinder me going around China?

           No,there are always accessible access for disable people.

  • What medical problems are not accepted in China?

          HIV. AIDS.


Regarding applicants funding

  1. Is any kind of funding is possible for applicants?

           Yes. you can search for organization in your countries that sponsor abroad study and internship.

  1. Does applicant have to pay for plane ticket, if yes is it possible to get any refunds or compensations to do it?

          The applicants have to pay the plane ticket by themselves. but if you got scholarship from any organization, they can cover your plane tickets .

  1. Who pays for applicant’s visa?

          The applicants will need to pay by themselves, but we will help with the documents.


Regarding Internship

  • What is the process to get accepted into the Internship program?

          We will set an online-meeting with you in 3 working days after we received your application. Here is the procedure of the internship placement.

  1. We will send you job description of the internship and introduction of the company if we find any internship positions that is suitable for you.
  2. Arrange online or offline  interview for you with the internship company if you are interested in the position. If not, we will recommend you other internships based on your requirements.
  3. Internship confirmation letter provided and the rest package fee will need to be paid in 3 working days after receiving the letter.
  4. Visa application assistance. We will provide you all necessary paper works for your M visa or student visa application.
  5. Arriving service , regular events and activities for all of our clients
  6. If we do not find internship for you, we will refund you the deposit.
  • What if I accepted an Internship and then couple days things don’t out the way I expected, can I get a new internship?


  • With the stipend, does the stipend money reach the threshold where I have to pay taxes to my home country?   

The average stipend that most companies pay is 2000 RMB and the threshold to pay taxes is 4900 RMB per month.


Regarding Documents/paper work

  1. What type/kind of visa can applicant get?

        We will help you with Business visa or Student visa.

  1. How long does it take to do all the documents in applicant’s home country before taking a flight to China?

          It will take 10-15 days for the whole visa application procedure.

  1. What documents applicant should prepare before applying?

           Your valid passport.

  1. Health examination ( should applicant do it in his own country or in China? What is the fee, does company covers the fee?)

           If you applied for working visa or student visa(X1), you will need to do it. You will need to cover the fee by yourself.



Regarding Housing

  1. What housing options does applicant have?

     Option 1

You will share apartment with 4-5 international tenants. Renting fee 3000RMB not  including electric fee. Location: City center. You will need to pay for 1.5 months deposit and landlord will you refund you the deposit if you find the tenant to replace you. 

Option 2

Shared apartment with 3 people. The renting fee is  around 4500RMB not including electricity fee per month. 1 month renting fee deposit and will refund you after your contract is expired.

Option 3

2200RMB including electricity, 300RMB deposit and will refund you after your contract expired. 

  1. Housing wheelchair accessible?

          Depends, but we can help you to find wheelchair accessible options.



Other life in China related questions

  1. What other expenses are waiting for applicant in China?

           Food, transportation, social activities, traveling.

  1. Emergency situation (who to contact)?

           Please contact Set In China team by calling 021 6155 8183 or Mobile phone +86 135 2461 7230

  1. How expensive is it to live in China? How much money do I need to save to go to China?

          Every month it will cost you around 2000-3000RMB(500USD) without accomodation.

  1. I have a lot debt in college, does your internship program can help me to deferred my college loan or help me pay my loan?

          No, our internship program can not help you with your loan.

  1. Can I transfer my Chinese bank funds to my country bank?

Yes, you can. You can transfer the money with online banking.