Internship in China


China currently holds the number one spot for being the ultimate place to live and work for a whole host of reasons. It’s a diverse melting pot culturally, linguistically, and socially. A fast growing economy attracts millions of people from all over the world to find their unique opportunity in this amazing country. People in every industry are taking advantage of this unique experience to give their career the needed perspective to land their dream job in this globally competitive market. Getting to know Chinese culture in a professional business setting and learning new industry-specific skills right here is an invaluable and incomparable opportunity for young professionals just starting out. Many interns even remain in China after their internship, turning it into a lifelong career. Don’t miss your chance to find out what this country is all about.



Set In China is dedicated to its mission of removing barriers and providing you a pleasant experience in China. Our office is located in Shanghai, China, which is known for its business oriented and culturally diverse atmosphere. Set In China (SIC) specializes in connecting China and the global community through internships and Chinese cultural immersion programs. Since being established in 2013, it has already provided more than 200 students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development.

We can offer internship in following industries;


Internships can be from 8 to 24 weeks. (2 – 6 months)

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Extra Services We Offer…

Set In China also provides AIRPORT PICK UP and takes the interns to their well-organized apartment, as well as assisting them with POLICE STATION REGISTRATION.

A WELCOME DINNER and ORIENTATION will also be provided for all interns to make the transition into Chinese culture more seamless.

1. Visa

We offer a Chinese Visa service to help with BUSINESS VISA, STUDENT VISA  and WORKING VISA  for foreigners in China. We are familiar with the official application procedures and the applicable domestic law. We will help you  handle all the paperwork and the long application procedure. Beside the visa, we also offer CHINA LEGAL TEACHING CERTIFICATES as well.

2. Culture Immersing ProgramKungfu in China

Having fun while in China is also important. To help our interns see another side of the culture, we organize trips both in and outside of Shanghai. Join our exciting Cultural Immersing Program to experience once in a lifetime opportunities: Kungfu, Calligraphy, Chinese language learning, traditional tea ceremony and much more. This opportunity will not only help you improve your Chinese language skills but also help you to gain a deeper understanding and respect of Chinese history.

3. Mandarin Courses

Chinese ClassWe work with many Chinese language schools to provide our interns with flexible full time or  part time classes. You can buy courses based on your time schedule and your needs. We have 2 options:
1. Come to our school to participate in a GROUP OR PRIVATE CLASS.
Have the teacher go to you as a PRIVATE TUTOR.


4. Events & Activities

We will organize a variety of social and business events for interns such as: CHINA BUSINESS SEMINARS, BUSINESS NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES, KTV NIGHT, and a WEEKEND TRIP . Interning in China will definitely make your CV more competitive and impressive.

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Accommodation Arrangement

Set In China can help you find the most comfortable apartment in Shanghai. All of the housing Set In China recommends to you will follow these requirements:


  • Your own room and room key
  • Queen size bed
  • Individually controlled air-conditioning system
  • Closet
  • Desk


  • Kitchen: Gas stove, microwave, rice cooker, refrigerator
  • Living Room: Sofa and TV
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Bathroom
  • Balcony with a nice view

Location will be conveniently located close to major transportation and city center. Here are several sample apartments you may see.

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