The Teaching in China Program is free and available all year round

Teaching in China is becoming more and more popular in the world. The growing demand for proficiency in English sets up a great environment for foreigners to come teach in China right now. PRC offers a unique mix of ancient sites and traditions with modern trends and dynamic development. You can explore new cultures, make money and do a really rewarding job which allows you to be creative, work with people of all ages and have a positive influence on their lives. If you are ready to gain experience in a foreign country, immerse yourself in a different culture, learn Mandarin Chinese and start your adventure in China, this is the perfect opportunity for you!


Positive impact on your students’ lives is certainly not the only benefit our program offers you. Teaching positions in China are well remunerated and provide a comfortable living in a city of your choice. With the teaching hours usually around 25-30/week and paid summer/winter/national holidays, you will be able to put some money aside and also enjoy traveling to one of China’s attractive sites or other Asian countries.

  • ▷ 2,000-3,000 USD/month
  • ▷ Visa support
  • ▷ Insurance
  • ▷ Tourism allowance
  • ▷ Free housing
  • ▷ Arrival service
  • ▷ Round trip flight reimbursement
  • ▷ Completion bonus
  • ▷ Free Mandarin class


As a teacher in China, you have the option to work with a variety of students ranging from the youngest learners to adults. You will have the opportunity to teach your students language skills (or your subject) and share cultural awareness with them. Their enthusiasm will reward you with fun and enjoyable work environment. Institutions for possible placement are the following:

  • ▷ Kindergarten
  • ▷ Public Primary/Middle/High School
  • ▷ International School
  • ▷ Training Center
  • ▷ University
  • ▷ Private Client
  • ▷ Online Class


Daily we receive numerous offers from different cities all over China. The most popular tend to be the highly populated cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. However, there are other second- and third-tier cities in China that also seek teachers and offer a different flair of cultural exchange experience. Here are the most popular locations for the Teaching Program:

  • ▷ Chongqing
  • ▷ Beijing
  • ▷ Shanghai
  • ▷ Chengdu
  • ▷ Xi’an
  • ▷ GuangDong
  • ▷ Inner Mongolia
  • ▷ Zhejiang
  • ▷ Hebei
  • ▷ Jiangsu
  • ▷ Jiangxi
  • ▷ Shandong


  • ▷ Fluent English with Bachelor Degree
  • ▷ Preferred two years work experience
  • TESOL/TEFL Certificate preferred
  • ▷ Clean criminal history background
  • ▷ Must be patient, flexible, with great communication skills, adaptable and be a team-player
  • ▷ Energetic and passionate about working with people