Juliet Li

Senior Consultant & Founder

With her many years of experience in internship placement, Juliet is the ideal person to find that rare pearl of an internship that would fit your competences and needs. Tell Juliet what kind of internship you are looking for, and she will manage to find it! Our partners and clients are drawn to her dynamic and charismatic personality, and value more than anything her professionalism and efficiency. For foreign students, Juliet is the ideal sister away from home. She will be able to guide you through the bustling shops and restaurants Shanghai has to offer, or would come over willingly to help you whether it is with some administrative hassle or some shopping advice.

Steve Shi

General Manager

Steve is responsible for marketing our company to the Western and Chinese market. With his friendly personality and motivated work-attitude, he puts the spotlights on our company and shows which advantages we can offer our partners, clients and students. With the educational background in UK, he knows well about foreign students' special needs when they came to a new country. He got very good feedback from the clients that he is working with. And he is aiming to enlargen Set In China business to Kungfu in 2015.

Enara Samanes

Program Manager

Enara Samanes works as a Program Coordinator for Set in China. She is responsible for finding the perfect match between the candidate’s profile and the company’s job description. She leads the hiring and mentoring of all interns who are working at Set in China. As an International Marketing Manager, Enara establishes, builds and helps maintain relationships with customers and partners. With a strong background and experience in the European market as a Human Resources Manager, Enara is resourceful and innovative when it comes to connecting companies’ needs with new candidates.

Tereza Zelenakova

International Market Executive

With background in marketing and human resources, Tereza is in charge of candidates recruitment, the company's marketing strategy and business development. She oversees sourcing of talents on different platforms and develops online communication campaigns and engaging media presentation, ensuring our presence on the web and social media. Thanks to her international experience, creative personality and high efficiency, she will guide you in your first steps towards the advancement of your career in the Middle Kingdom. She is also your go-to contact for travel tips and expat life in China.

Matthew Jellicoe

Overseas Marketing Manager

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Matt is responsible for recruitment, promotion and marketing in the European and international market. His main job is developing awareness of our teaching program and establishing links with partners in the UK and nothern Europe. With a background in translation and international relations, his positive attitude, and his familiarity with Chinese and Western culture, Matt is the perfect person to help Set in China reach a wider audience, and to help you make the first steps on your Chinese adventure.

James Dean

International Market Manager

James Dean serves as an International Marketing Manager for Set In China. In his role, he assist them by finding partners in North America who would be interested in hiring Chinese interns or hiring Chinese for a full time job. He is also an Intern Coordinator. He is responsible for hiring, managing and mentoring all interns working at Set In China. Prior to joining Set In China, James has worked at Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation where he assisted recruitment for Ameson Year in China (AYC) program. He has helped with other various projects such as Jiaozi Club, GW Forum, and much more. James Dean graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Sarunas Asmena

International Market Exectutive

Sarunas works as Business Development Officer for Set in China. One of the main tasks is making European partners and developing European market. He is responsible for Social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. With his creative background he provides Set in China with digital work from basic material designing to Set in China videos, pictures and posters. Sarunas have a background in media, marketing and arts.

Elyse Qiu

International Market Exectutive

As a liaison for the American market, Elyse is the go to guru on what it takes to be an expat in China. From the HSK to KTV, she has tried it all. Working with Chinese and American students to help them understand each other’s cultures is a passion she has been working on since college. She is the consultant that works with universities and their students to find the internship that best fits their needs. World travelers aspiring to gain worldly experience and knowledge in a country different from their own will also find all the assistance they need with her. In addition to these responsibilities, Elyse is also constantly updating the Set In China Facebook and LinkedIn pages and preparing promotional events.


International Market Exectutive

Dylan is interning at Set in China while studying at Shanghai University, where he is in a one year exchange program from University College Cork, Ireland. He will be using his business background and networking skills to open Set in China up to new Western European markets. Very helpful, friendly and professional, Dylan can make the seemingly daunting task of finding a suitable internship in a foreign country easy for prospective candidates