Traveling in China
Five thousand years’ history makes China’s culture one of the richest one in the world. Having the world’s largest population hasn’t stopped the Chinese from being a relatively united race. With some variants, the language, cuisine and philosophical beliefs of the Chinese are roughly the same.You can get a taste of China’s culture in your own backyard, since many Chinese have migrated to countries all over the world. The distinctive arts and crafts, the cuisine, martial arts, feng shui, music and dance, and architecture of China is there to see.Traditional Chinese clothing, no longer worn day to day, is brought out for festivals and holidays that are still celebrated in full force. The Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival are just a few of many festivals when Chinese calligraphy and red paper-cuttings adorn homes, and fireworks, dancing and music fills the streets. Although they are busy times, the festivals are a great way to see Chinese culture at its cultural best.

First Station : Shanghai

Shanghai internship